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  • Rop Aventures

    In this post we will dive into and old MSRPC Vulnerabilty specifically NetPathCanonicalize. Understanding the bug The vulnerabilty is a stack corruption bug, in short the main objective is to remove ‘..' form a path, and do so its using a recursive call, the problem happends when the ‘..' forces the recution to go beyond the last element of the path. You can find the full bug analysis decompiling-ms08-067 Its old bug… Yes, theirs lots...… (Read More)

  • Strong Password change

    Hey what’s up, yeah i know its been a long time since i posted something. Strong password change Over the last years alot of things have been said about strong passwords and the meaning of a strong password, as the CPU power increases the number and range of charecters also increase. This makes things hard at many levels, from the users prespective think about a string that meets all the requesits and remember it, it’s...… (Read More)

  • Wordlist Prosessor

    Happy new year. ( yeah.i know i been busy ) The last year end up been a cool year with a great end, i was speaker at two events with something i been working on for while now password cracking. Every thing started some time ago after googling around about password cracking, that i first shared with my colleagues after a small poc, and since to me everything less then 100% isn’t worth spending time...… (Read More)

  • Install Openvas 8 with Postgres on Kali linux Rolling

    This one is something that took quite some time to pull off while searching, most of the information I found was either wrong or incomplete, so here we go. Objectives Build openvas with postgresql support. Make required configuration changes to Kali linux source, such as service scripts. Create .deb package with kali linux source. Requirements To pull this off I will be using the Kali Linux Rolling v4.6.4, other than the usual build tools we...… (Read More)

  • Wordpress Admin Login Proctection Myths

    Some time last week, I found some posts on the web suggesting that one could protect the “broken” Wordpress authentication with the weirdest ideas from ip blocking plugins, to HTTP Basic Authentication in front of the wp-login.php. Yeah I think they are funny to. In this post I will try explain why this is a horrible idea. Their are many ways to make the attacker’s life difficult, one the most effective is, to make the...… (Read More)