This one is something that took quite some time to pull off while searching, most of the information I found was either wrong or incomplete, so here we go.


  • Build openvas with postgresql support.
  • Make required configuration changes to Kali linux source, such as service scripts.
  • Create .deb package with kali linux source.


To pull this off I will be using the Kali Linux Rolling v4.6.4, other than the usual build tools we will need Postgresql libraries to build Openvas-Manager with Postgresql.

Database Setup

We will start with the Database preparations, we are told by documentation on Openvas document that we will need user equal to login user if your using Kali your probably using root.

sudo postgres
createuser -DRS root
createdb -O root tasks

In the previous commands we create a user, with the following privileges.

  • -D: The new user will not be allowed to create databases.
  • -R: The new user will not be allowed to create new roles.
  • -S: The new user will not be a superuser.

And new database with root as its owner, we will then create a new role, and assign it to the new database user root, and load the uuid-ossp database extension.

psql tasks
create role dba with superuser noinherit;
grant dba to root;
create extension "uuid-ossp";


The stuff needed to build this are as follows:

apt-get update
apt-get install postgresql-contrib postgresql-server-dev-9.5

Does are the required libraries to openvas to postgresql.

mkdir -p openvas/debs
cd openvas/

apt-get source libopenvas8
apt-get source openvas-cli 
apt-get source openvas-manager
apt-get source openvas-scanner
apt-get source openvas

Each of does packages have dependencies on their own, we can check does by executing:


The result is a list of dependencies that we need to install before we build any of the packages.

  • openvas-libraries-8.0.7
apt-get install bison cmake debhelper doxygen libgcrypt-dev libglib2.0-dev libgnutls28-dev \
libgpgme11-dev libldap2-dev libpcap-dev uuid-dev libssh-dev libksba-dev libhiredis-dev \
libsnmp-dev libfreeradius-client-dev

For the openvas-manager-6.0.8 the dependencies are as follows.

apt-get install dh-systemd libsqlite3-dev xmltoman flawfinder

The package needs some changes before we building the libopenvas8.

cd libopenvas8
mv ../*.deb debs/
dpk -i ../debs/*.deb

Next is openvas-manager, we will have to to change the build rules at debian/rules and

cd openvas-manager-6.0.8/debian/
vim rules
# from
dh_auto_configure -- -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr -DSYSCONFDIR=/etc \
# to
 cd ..

A minor detail about this package is an error that showed up about a missing library after a while i found out that it wasn’t included in the .deb file so we need to add this lines to make shore its included.

echo "var/lib/openvas/openvasmd/pg" >> debian/openvas-manager.dirs
echo "var/lib/openvas/openvasmd/pg" >> debian/openvas-manager.install
# change service config
sed -i -- 's/\/var\/lib\/openvas\/mgr\/tasks.db/tasks/g' debian/openvas-manager.service
# change init.d default config
sed -i -- 's/\/var\/lib\/openvas\/mgr\/tasks.db/tasks/g' debian/openvas-manager.default
#build package
mv ../*.deb ../debs/
dpkg -i ../debs/openvas-manager*.deb

After installing openvas-manager build openvas-scanner, openvas-cli and openvas, after installing, does packages finishing the installation of any missing runtime dependencies like redis-server with.

apt-get -f install

After is the same as regular package.